Software Services

Software Services

Welcome to Intelligent Lighting

SmartStart provides intuitive and flexible lighting strategies that are configured to your specific plans. Intelligent management for the control and monitoring of your lighting in any environment or location.

Through intelligent LED fixtures and smart sensors, IIoT (Intelligent Internet of Things) Software solutions are implemented to create significant energy savings and transform any facility, site, or enterprise into a source of actionable data. With real-time and historical reporting, you can turn IIoT data into real-world ROI.

Control, automate, and optimize energy usage, monitor and maintain peak environmental conditions, leverage occupancy data, and process this attribute data to maximize the energy efficiency benefits of LED fixture. Click here to view one system that we have deployed with great success.

Let SmartStarts’ years of experience with Intelligent Lighting Systems take your project into the future. Contact us for free consultation, and be sure to watch this video before you go.