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About Us

Smart Start Lighting is an innovator in LED energy efficient design & deployment of modern lighting solutions that astound customer and utilities alike. Our designs and deployments offer amazing flexibilities and cost savings that make all CFO’s take notice.

Smart Start Lighting is dedicated to providing the most effective LED lighting and lighting management solutions for your project. We provide a complete solution for major retrofit and new construction projects Nationwide.

Representing over 100 LED lighting manufacturers, Smart Start Lighting utilizes internal resources as well as the manufacturer’s capabilities to develop the perfect result. Our project management staff consists of experienced lighting personnel with over 100,000,000 square feet of projects completed.

We develop ROI models that capture utility incentives as well and IRS regulations designed to promote energy savings through kilowatt hours avoided while eliminating maintenance of the systems. We design long life-cycle products that provide lower operating and maintenance costs for years to come.

We are experts in LED lighting deployments. We have installed our system in some of the world’s largest companies. These systems are capital expenditures with CXO approval.

We have proven installations that you can tour and see the actual results. We have achieved up to 90% energy savings with a payback of 12-24 months.