Why SmartStart?

If you are on our site, you are a decision maker researching LED lighting for your site(s). Thank you for visiting.

There is quite a bit of information regarding LED’s which can make your research and subsequent decision a daunting and time consuming task.

We believe that the answer to the question; “Which firm to use?” will best answer the question “What solution to use for an optimal outcome?”

The answer to the “which firm to use?” can be arrived at by speaking to firms with completed projects at sites similar to yours. Our firm has many millions of square feet of various types of sites, many similar to yours that we have illuminated with our LED lighting solutions. If you are to consider our firm you have a right to contact our references and speak to them about our outcomes, their expectations and the respect that our team has shown for their site.

We are the “turnkey” provider that you would like to have.

We have completed projects around the country in pharmaceutical, manufacturing, hospitality, hazardous locations, warehousing/distributions centers and exteriors.

Our portfolio includes many types of spaces with our largest project to date being a 1.5 million square foot distribution center.

LED lighting, when done well, is the last lighting decision that your site will ever make. It is our firm’s mission to give you access to all information and resources that you require for your decision. We will introduce you to our clients so you can get their feedback on our performance.

At the end of the day this is “about you”, and making your assessment regarding LED lighting the most informed, long-lasting and fiscally rewarding decision that you have ever reached for your company.

This is our mission.

Our thanks.

Why SmartStart?