Why Now?

Smart Start Lighting has been providing turnkey Industrial and Commercial LED lighting solutions for over ten years. Our satisfied customers include many household names throughout the country and abroad. Through the years we have been able to identify and maximize local and federal rebate and incentive programs using the highest quality fixtures that precisely fit our clients’ needs.

Our thorough attention to detail has earned us the Pennsylvania Power and Light (PP&L) ‘Contractor of the Year Award’ two years in a row.

Our experience enables us to identify on a utility by utility and state by state basis generous inefficiencies in their incentive programs. This experience helps us provide our clients with “sweet spots” within each program where they can maximize the incentives for their projects and minimize their return on investment. In essence a site can “cherry pick” which lights to replace on a case by case basis.

Energy Incentive and rebate programs start with the idea that; ‘Going Green’, saving energy, reducing our carbon footprint, and relieving stress on our power grids, are all good ideas whose time has come.

The secret lies in the time frame associated with Conception, Implementation, and Duration of these programs. These Inefficiencies create a window of opportunity for our customers to save even more on out of pocket costs. They also receive the highest quality – longest lasting fixtures and dramatically shorten their ROI.

Find out where the “sweet spot” is for your site and to get a free quote click below.

Why Now?